Juan Padro

A serial entrepreneur, Juan currently owns and operates Highland Tap and Burger, Armoury (European inspired pub), Lohi Productions (Music Production Company), Calypso Search Group (Recruiting Process Consulting), and a small 140 acre coffee farm in Puerto Rico that has grown coffee for the Vatican since 1930 as part of a co-op. Additionally, in 2013 he launched the much anticipated restaurant, Old Major in Lower Highland, an upscale neighborhood bistro. He also runs the recruiting arm of Centerline Partners, a management consulting firm focused on Requirements Management, Program & Project Management, and Business Analysis for business, operations, and IT organizations within Financial Services and Life and Health Sciences. All of Juan's businesses take a community centric approach. Highlights of his career include watching John Grahame play for the Bruins while knowing he could easily shelf a puck glove side. Juan has a BA from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and a PhD from the school of hard knocks.

Contact Juan: jpad16@yahoo.com